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An Illinois family has commenced a wrongful death lawsuit against a nursing home, alleging that the facility’s failure to exercise due care in providing services and attention to their deceased relative was the ultimate cause of the man’s untimely death. Filed in Cook County, Illinois, the lawsuit claims that the decedent first contracted ulcers resulting from ongoing pressure. Also known as bedsores, pressure-based ulcers can develop on any area of the body that is in constant contact with a bed or other surface. They are common in patients who spend the vast majority of their time lying or sitting. To prevent these injuries from developing, these care facilities must rotate the resident on a regular basis. If they are not treated, bedsores can become infected and lead to serious consequences, including death.

Based on this, the plaintiffs alleged that the nursing home violated its duty of care to the resident in failing to appropriately monitor and address his bedsores. Nursing home facilities must develop a care plan for any resident who has bedsores. This plan often requires routine observation and compliance with a treatment program developed by the resident’s treating physician.

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